Baisheng Chemical Packing is a professional Chinese supplier of catalyst, adsorbent, catalyst carrier, catalyst support and tower packing, and these products are mainly utilized for petrochemical industry and chemical industry. With the floor area of over 30,000 square meters and the fixed asset of 60 million CNY, now we could manufacture 30,000m3 of catalyst and tower packing every year. Moreover, the total number of our employee exceeds 200, and we have gained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. Our company has over 40 years of production experience in this field, and there is a complete series of production and testing equipme... >> More
  • Our ceramic ballis mainly fabricated from commercial alumina and kaolin through shape forming and high temperature calcination pro...>> More
  • The ceramic random packing exhibits exceptionally superior resistance to heat, and it won’t get corroded by any acid or alkali,ex...>> More
  • Molecular sieve,or simply molecular sieves, are hydrated crystalline aluminosilicates with uniform holes,and these holes are simil...>> More
  • If there is a trace amount of oxygen in synthesis gas, coal gas or coke gas,catalyst poisoning is very likely to take place during...>> More
  • This Ni catalyst is mainly utilized for coke oven gas purification and recovery devices, such as ammonia decomposition furnace a...>> More
  • The anti-corrosion packing,also known as acid resistant brick,is a kind of corrosion-resistant material that is mainly fabricated ...>> More
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